Course Description

This course covers fundamental topics of big data and natural language processing. Topics include Hadoop, MapReduce, data pre-processing techniques, recurrent neural networks, n-gram, and Naïve Bayes methods. 

Course Outline

Module 0: Introduction 
Module 1: Big Data Analytics
•    Module 1.1: Introduction to Big Data
•    Module 1.2: Big Data Storage and Processing
Module 2: Hadoop and Map-Reduce
•    Module 2.1: Hadoop Stack and Execution Environment
•    Module 2.2: Hands-on: Setting up a Hadoop Cluster
•    Module 2.3: Hands-On: Running Map-Reduce on Hadoop
Module 3: Data, Quality, and Text Pre-Processing
•    Module 3.1: Types of Data
•    Module 3.2: Data Quality and Cleaning
•    Module 3.3: Text Pre-Processing
•    Module 3.4: Hands-on: Clean and Pre-Process Structured Data
Module 4: NLP Models 
•    Module 4.2: N-Grams
•    Module 4.3: Naïve Bayes
•    Module 4.4: RNN
Module 5 NLP Applications (optional)
•    Module 5.1: Sentiment Analysis
•    Module 5.2: Entity Resolution

Learner Outcomes

•    Describe basic methods for distributed processing of big datasets
•    Describe different layers of the Hadoop eco-system
•    Implement and deploy simple Map Reduce programs in Hadoop
•    Apply pre-processing techniques on NLP datasets
•    Demonstrate understanding of core NLP models such as RNN, n-gram, Naïve Bayes 
•    Demonstrate knowledge on NLP algorithms for sentiment analysis and entity resolution 
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