Course Description

This course prepares individuals to organize and derive meaning from data by using visual presentation tools and techniques. This course includes topics related to data visualization theory, visual designs, evaluations of visual designs, and visualization application programming.

Course Outline

-    The modules are designed to be taken in the following order Module 1: Introduction to Visualization Tools, Module 2: Advanced Visual Analysis in Tableau, Module 3:  Data Abstractions, Module 4: Visualizing Advanced Charts

-    Delivery: Asynchronous, self-paced, 10-12 hours a week.
-    Sequence for each module: Instructional videos, suggested readings, video embedded quizzes, short quiz after each module milestone, a final quiz for each module.
-    Students who are confident about the material can test out of the module and advance to the next one by completing the final quiz for that module.
-    Failing the final quiz three times for a module will result in recycling the entire module.

Learner Outcomes

Students successfully completing this course will be able to:
1.    Discuss data visualization principles and select the proper data visualization method
2.    Discuss typical data visualization strategies and when to use them 
3.    Build & interpret data visualization models in Tableau
4.    Incorporate interactions to support visual analytics in Tableau
5.    Build & interpret data visualization models in R 
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Data Visualization
Dec 05, 2022 to Jan 09, 2023
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