Course Description

The Texas State Intensive English (TSIE) online advanced speaking course brings students together with In terms of academic preparation, the students will expand their speaking and discussion skills by initiating and sustaining conversations on a wide range of topics, using complex words forms and academic vocabulary, and giving extended presentations. In terms of cultural integration, at all levels, the students will increase their awareness and understanding of the cultural values of the United States and their own countries; foster cross-cultural communication; and learn to use socially-appropriate discourse through oral presentations, classroom discussions, and authentic communicative activities. In terms of test preparation, the students will use idioms, collocations, and academic vocabulary to express themselves in class discussions and conversations outside the classroom; give complex spoken responses, and begin to integrate speaking with listening, reading, and writing. Texas State Intensive English (TSIE) students will also have the unique opportunity to collaborate with a professor and students in Mexico through joint discussions in English in a shared online space.

Learner Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  1. Initiate and sustain a conversation on a wide range of topics, expressing opinions and ideas accurately using refined stress and intonation.
  2. Lead a group discussion using critical thinking skills.
  3. Rephrase and clarify complex statements.
  4. Speak using varied complex word forms and academic vocabulary.
  5. Use mostly accurate complex grammar structures and eliminate double negatives.
  6. Use verbal phrases to achieve sentence conciseness and variety.
  7. Use reported speech.
  8. Give an extended individual presentation on an approved topic.
  9. Identify and use American idioms and other culturally appropriate vocabulary.
  10. Use advanced-level grammar structures appropriately in cultural spoken and written interactions


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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

  1. Will I meet the teacher online? Yes, there will be a total of 3 hours per week when you will meet with the instructor and classmates on Zoom.
  2. Will there be class meetings each week? There will be twelve weeks of instruction with one week on break.
  3. How often will we meet? The class will take place two times per week for 1.5 hours for each meeting.
  4. Will there be homework? Yes, there will be a minimum of two hours of homework per week.
  5. Does this course count for university credit? No, this is a non-credit course for personal improvement.


"The TSIE team helped me in everything that I needed to achieve my goal of learning English by giving me different tools for my reading comprehension, listening skills, speaking pronunciation, and writing skills. In the TSIE program, I could find more than an English course because their team was available to support me during my loan process. They also assisted me in answering some questions that I had about some master programs at Texas State University and, more generally, about the transition to student life in the United States. Finally, I had the chance to meet wonderful international classmates who have amplified and enriched my worldview. Thanks, TSIE team."

Cindy Rojas Annicchiarico

TSIE 2017-2018

Texas State University Graduate Student

Technology Management program


Instructor, Lauren Miller Bio

Ms. Lauren Miller has over nine years of experience teaching English as a Second Language, including Intensive English at the collegiate level and all levels of ESL in adult education. Ms. Miller teaches at both Texas State University and Austin Community College. In addition to her language instruction, she has taught American Culture and US 1100 (a freshman seminar course) at Texas State and assisted with curricula development and planning. Ms. Miller is currently a doctoral candidate obtaining a degree in Culture, Literacy, and Language at The University of Texas-San Antonio. Her dissertation focus is language policy, instructor agency, and adult education. She also holds a Master of Arts from The University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelor of Arts from Texas A&M University in College Station. She credits her passion for teaching to an early love of language and international education. When she’s not teaching, she’s brushing up on her French skills at the Alliance Française in Austin, practicing her viola, or spending time with her family.

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