Course Description

This intensive 6-week training will provide you the education you need to offer evidence-based, safe, effective telehealth services confidently and competently to your patients. These skills will allow you to build the type of telehealth team and service that is right for you and your facility. Two unique components of this course are its focus on the patient experience and how to train your colleagues and/or students for telehealth practice. Additionally, you will build a proposal for telehealth services and receive input and feedback from faculty and an interdisciplinary team of colleagues. Exclusive to this course is complete access to the entire holdings of the Library at Texas State University.

Key Competencies:

• What you need to know before you get started

• Interprofessional team roles

• Legal & ethical issues

• Building a case for your desired telehealth practice

• Practicing telehealth scenarios

• Technology use and strategies

• Patient assessment and management consideration for telehealth

• Practicing your telehealth pitch

Course Outline

  • Introduction Module: Familiarize Yourself with the Course Tools
    • How to use Canvas
    • How to access Texas State Library and search for evidence-based telehealth literature
    • How to destress telehealth learning for the student or provider
  • Module 1: Telehealth Modalities: Then and Now
    • How to build on past telehealth experiences
    • How to use a telehealth team to reduce provider burden
    • How to build in considerations for the patient’s experience
  • Module 2: Telehealth Connectivity, Communication, and Settings
    • How to weight telehealth benefits and challenges
    • How to choose your telehealth modality
    • How to gauge best practice for your service
  • Module 3: Telehealth Ethical, Legal, and Reimbursement Considerations
    • How to conduct business appropriately
    • How to be legally informed
    • How to humanize and personalize telehealth
  • Module 4: Specialty Primary Care Practice Strategies
    • How to have a successful telehealth practice
    • How to gain confidence with a telehealth visit
    • How to build a telehealth proposal
  • Module 5: Putting It All Together 
    • How to present a telehealth proposal
    • How to implement a telehealth practice during a disaster/pandemic
    • How to evaluate and use telehealth practice experience

Learner Outcomes

At the end of this course participants will:

  • Define the history and present status of telehealth and telemedicine.
  • Cite successful examples for the application of telehealth.
  • Recognize the roles of the telehealth team for the effective delivery of telehealth.
  • Explore the interdisciplinary integrated care model ad telehealth.
  • Implement evidence-based telehealth practices.


  • Office hours for one-on-one consultations available three times a week.
  • Telehealth proposal consultation provided during the course at no charge.
  • The learning platform is Canvas; Telehealth video practice with FaceTime, Zoom, and/or Teams.
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